Buy, 1 Get 2 - Natural Sunblock

This is our best promotion ever for the HŌM-ECO Sport and Baby Sunblocks, and this deal will not last long! All you have to do is place 3 sunscreens in your cart and the coupon to get 2 FREE will automatically be applied at checkout. You can mix and match the Baby and Sport formulas. Just make sure you have 3 sunscreens in the cart, for the promotion to work. Oh, did we mention, Shipping is FREE on the sunscreens when you use this promotion. 


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  • SPF50- Our guaranteed SPF 50 rating ensures that you are well protected from the sun's UVA/UVB rays.

  • ALL NATURAL- All ingredients that go into HomEco sunscreen are 100% all-natural and biodegradable

  • WATERPROOF- Water block technology keeps the sunscreen on skin and not in the ocean. Oxybenzone-free

  • LONG LASTING- Independent testing has proven our sunblock hold its SPF 50 rating for up to 8 hrs

  • MADE IN USA- Our eco-safe mineral formulation is made in the USA and dermatologist tested safe for all ages

Premium oxybenzone-free, high performance mineral sunscreen that is also environmentally friendly. Our Matte Zinc SPF 50 formula is water resistant and sweat-proof by utilizing a unique water blocking technology, HomEco Sunscreen is a winning sunblock for all ages that enjoy an active lifestyle in the sun. Our oil-free matte zinc oxide formula rubs in clear and will not sting your eyes, making it safe for use on the face and body. This unique waterblock sunscreen protects each individual skin cell, without clogging pores, from harmful sun rays and will deactivate once soap and water is used. Extensive eight hour water immersion testing has proven our sunblock to hold its SPF 50 after 8 hours in and out of the water. We make sure our products stay on the skin, thanks to water block technology; it can only be removed with soap and water. When sunscreen remains on your skin, it’s more effective and it’s not releasing chemicals that will negatively affect ocean life. And did we mention its also biodegradable!