The Power of the Peony

Extraordinarily beautiful, delicate and sweet, peonies have been used for centuries in ornamental cultures for medicinal purposes, as their blooms behold the power to heal and aid in calming the body. I recently had a dream about a peony bloom that left me curious about this unique flower and even more enamored than I was before. Peonies aren’t just pretty to look at; they serve an important purpose in the circle of life. In my dream, I was using the petals of the peony to decorate a fountain of water for a reception, along with a few other helpers. Once the petals were all picked off, the center and stem of the flower was left and tossed aside to be put in the garbage. I immediately picked up the remaining bulbs and let my team know that we needed to keep them, as they were a powerful botanical and healthy to ingest. When I awoke from my dream, I was left pondering the meaning of the peony and the medicinal properties it possesses. My research substantiated my dream and I have more admiration for this beautiful bloom and its created purpose to help heal the body.

peonyFull of antioxidants and immune boosting properties, the power of the peony is utilized to help alleviate emotional-nervous conditions, menstrual disorders, chest pain, promote blood circulation, lower blood pressure, assist in hormonal imbalance issues, including hair loss, nourish the blood, and help improve liver, spleen and digestive function. 

What’s not to love about the Peony, with its lovely blossoming petals, ranging from white to different shades of pink, and its wonderful health benefits? If you aren’t reaching for a cup of Peony Tea yet, I encourage you to do so. Its sweet, mild flavor will have you taking part in tea-time every day. For ultimate benefits, look for Organic White Peony Tea, Loose Leaf Bag, Positively Tea LLC. (1 lb.). If loose leaf tea isn’t quite your thing, I have also tried Choice Organic White Peony Tea, 16 Count Box. Start sipping and enjoy the power of the peony!