Pick Fresh

While raising my children, our favorite time of year was the last day of school. Summer break could not come fast enough! Now that summer is here, it is the perfect time to help your children learn some really valuable, fun things and get their hands a little dirty. What child doesn’t love to play in the dirt?! Plant a small box garden. If you purchase small herb plants locally, ones that are already started, the kids can pick vegetables or herbs even a day or two later.  Kids love quick gratification, and so do adults. You can also begin from seeds, but keep in mind that you will have to wait a few weeks longer, which is definitely not as much fun for the kiddos.

A yummy little garden is one made up of tasty fragrant herbs. After planting your garden, send the kids to google a recipe that uses that specific herb. Now they can be a part of planning a meal one night. Herbs are even delicious on top of a fresh salad if you want to keep it light and summer friendly. It might surprise you how much fun it is to have the kids in the kitchen. Laughter may breakout. Be careful it is contagious… and fun!

plant a bottleKeep summer gardening simple by using Plant-A-Bottle and recycle your favorite bottles in the process. Summer is the perfect time to incorporate healthy foods. There are so many delicious fresh fruits and vegetables available. Here is a good rule to live by when making smart shopping choices, if it is in a BOX – it’s Not Fresh!

Keep it Simple! Keep it Fresh! Keep it Healthy!

You will be amazed how good it tastes!