Indoor Air Plant Care 1.0

air plantKeeping plants alive that do not grow in soil seems easy enough, right!?! Venturing into the world of air plants is a green thumb challenge we were eager to try. Air plants, also called Tillandsias, are renowned for their ease of care. They beautifully add warmth and green goodness to a room that speaks of a more simplistic and contemporary style. While they require less maintenance, there is lots of TLC involved in caring for air plants properly. We’ve outlined a few simple tips to get you started that will leave you wanting to go back for more…air plants EVERYWHERE!


LIGHT: Air plants love indirect light. If you are looking to add air plants to a room that receives less sunlight, try positioning them near a window. If the space you are choosing receives more direct sunlight, daily misting may be needed to keep your plant from getting too dry and frying in the sun. Darker spaces, like basements, are not the most preferable climates for air plants, but you can certainly use a fluorescent light bulb to mimic sunny conditions.

air plant bowlWATER: The more humid the climate, the happier your air plants will be. If they are kept near an air vent, they will dry out quicker than those that are kept in a more moist environment like a bathroom. For best results, we recommend soaking air plants in a bowl or dish for 10-20 minutes once a week. Fully submerge them in water and then place them on a towel to dry out for a couple of hours. Misting every couple of days is another watering option, but we have found the misting method to not be as advantageous as it is to soak them.

FOOD: Air plants can’t live on air alone! For added vibrancy and growth, nourish your air plants once a month with a fertilizer like this Hinterland Trading Air Plant Tillandsia Food and Fertilizer, 8-Ounce. Fertilizing your air plants, in addition to a normal watering schedule, will yield years of enjoyment with your air plants.

To purchase your Tillandsias, or Tilly’s, check out your local garden shop. If they don’t carry the assortment you are looking for, check out the stores on Amazon. Happy ‘air’ planting!