Clean Beaches, Clean Water

beach clean upAfter one of the busiest summer holidays, celebrating America’s 240th Independence day, our family took part in a local beach clean-up. We partnered with Island Prep, an eco-friendly preparatory school, and 60 volunteers to clean a large span of our beautiful beach in St. Augustine, Florida. A BIG thanks and shout out to North Florida Coastal Caretakers for donating reusable trash bags and nifty trash nabbersthat helped make our mission successful! Overall, we collected over 60 gallons of trash, mostly made up of cigarette butts, plastic straw wrappers from juice boxes, fireworks, water bottles and bottle tops.

Family-oriented missions like these are so important when it comes to introducing our children to think beyond themselves and the importance of keeping our beaches and seas trash-free. It also encourages the conversation on how we can reduce our personal footprint after seeing the different kinds of trash left behind. Reusable water bottles and cups, picnic supplies, shopping bags, small trash cans with lids and portable ash tray holders are an excellent way to reduce your beach footprint and keep the ocean healthy. 

beach babesWhether you are an avid beach goer, or just a visiter a few times a year, awareness is key to keeping our beaches and seas trash-free. If you live near a coast, check out your local beach clean-up organization for volunteer opportunities and ways you can get your family involved. Sign up to clean up with Ocean Conservancy to participate in the next International Coastal Cleanup, the world’s largest volunteer effort for oceans and waterways. Solo missions are also encouraged! Long walks on the beach aren’t just for the romantics…trash treasures are waiting to be found!